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Whitstable Junior School

Whitstable Junior School

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Our First Netball Win!

This week we had our first netball match against Whitstable Endowed School

The first netball match was against the Endowed school and unfortunately we didn’t win. The score was 5 – 6 to the Endowed but it was windy during the match. It was very close. Our second match, which was against St Marys, was slightly more successful for we won with the score of 10 – 7. Everyone played really well and fairly. The tensest part in the match was when we were in the tie and everyone was scoring goals so we couldn’t predict who was going to win. Sadly, they got ahead of us with 2 more goals which made us more determined to win. Luckily, near the end the team worked together and never let the ball pass or interfere with St Marys. Happily, we actually won for the first time this term! Soon we will be winning all the time!!! 

By Lesley and Rosa