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Whitstable Junior School

Whitstable Junior School

Learning today for life tomorrow

Year 4 Residential News

News from day one.

Day One @ Swattenden

When we got there after the long journey we had a welcome to with the Swattenden staff and got told what room we were in. After that, we went to our rooms, had fun trying to make our beds, then went to the delicious lunch of bacon or onion quiche. Firstly, we did our first activity in my case bridge and swing. What you had to do was try to walk across the bridge without falling off, if you did all off your team would get a penalty. At the end we added up all the penalties and had to do a forfeit. We put our legs straight up in the air for 10 second. Following this we moved onto the fun swing! You had to grab on to the rope and had to try to get onto the platform on other side.

Then we went to our next activity my one was low zip wire. It was really fun! First, you had lots of straps to hold us up, then you jump off and fall until you reached Miss Lodge who collected the rope and using the special pulley mechanism, we levered ourselves down. At dinner time, we all went into the Canteen for bolognaise or chicken curry. Finally, we went for a night walk in the woods we found out lots of facts about the country.

From Amelie and the rest of year four