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Whitstable Junior School

Whitstable Junior School

Learning today for life tomorrow

Year 4 Residential News Day 2

Day 2 news

Today, we started off very early! We read stories and played in the game room until breakfast time. I had the Fry up which had Bacon and Beans and then had Hoops cereal. It was surprisingly wonderful! At 9:00, we gathered with the instructors and my group got to do the Low Zip Wire, which was a lot of fun! Following this, we did Bridge and Swing which had two parts. We worked together to walk on the bridge and then swung on the rope to try and get to the Island. I fell over a lot!

Lunch, was another delicious meal of pasta and curry (I had both) and then lots of food like egg, cucumber and wraps from the salad bar. In the afternoon, we did raft building. Frankie fell in and got very wet. Finally, we did Pond dipping which was exciting, as we found a dragon fly lava and the instructor told us about Emperor dragon flies and showed us pictures. We have lots of interesting facts and even found tadpoles.

Before tea, some of us went to play football and then we had Chicken Nuggets and then a quiz. We were very tired so most of us went to bed a lot earlier than last night!

Oliver Ward