Activity Week - Year 6

Year 6 Activity Week July 2014

22 Year 6 children took part in the Activity Week.


We all gathered in the Beach Hut for an introduction, by Mrs Fry, to the Art workshop.  The task was to create fish- shaped hats constructed from cardboard and papier mache to be worn by WJS children at the Oyster Parade in a few weeks time.  Mrs Fry demonstrated how to put together the cardboard shapes adding fins, gills and lips to make the fish more realistic.

This proved harder than it looked!  Lots of mess and sticky fingers soon appeared and our creations took on a decidedly sea monster appearance!  Not to be deterred we put our fish outside into the sunshine to dry and got ready for our next activity-bowling!

With Ms Moody and Mrs Cleare we set off for the bowling alley.  We were fortunate enough to have five lanes and so our teams of 4 and five began to play.  It soon became apparent who was good at this sort of thing and who wasn’t.  Charlie, Phoenix, Jack, Harvey and Teagan soon began to stack up high scores while Ms Moody remained consistently last!!  Mrs Chambers and Ms Moody scored strikes and thought that they had turned things around, but it wasn’t to be.  Jack Gander Compton achieved the highest score of the day and Ms Moody and Mrs Chambers came in last!

Later that day, Mr Creton took some of the group to watch video clips, while Mrs Chambers and the rest of the group began to paint the sea creatures.


The Art workshop continued and we were pleased to see that our fish looked decidedly better after a night to dry and a coat of paint.  Some of the group added more coats while others made delicate coins from clay that would be painted gold when they had dried.

In the afternoon, it was PE for some and ICT for others.  We then re-grouped to discuss the following day and the things that we would need to remember to bring.

Wednesday-Go Ape!!!!!

An excited group of children (and adults-we were joined by Ms Moody, Mrs Knoupe and Mrs Grier) climbed aboard our coach and set off for Leeds castle.  The sun was shining brightly and without a hat on any of our heads (one of the things we needed to remember to bring) we got into two teams.  Ms Moody’s team set off while the other team with Mr Creton, Mrs Grier and Mrs Chambers played games until it was our turn.

All too soon it was our turn and we lined up a bit anxiously to get our harnesses on.  The ropes and platforms above us looked much higher close-up and I think everyone was relieved we were doing the junior course.

What an experience!  The first course had to be completed twice before we could progress to the harder one.  I stayed close to Mrs Grier, literally shaking, as we navigated each new challenge.  I had not anticipated the level of concentration, nerve and strength we would need to complete each course. Swinging platforms; wobbling bridges; a steel tightrope-it had it all.

Year 6 took on each challenge and, encouraging each other all the way, each of us faced our fears.  Most children completed a course and others like Fleur managed to go round four times! We also had some support from the ground who cheered us on and took photographs.

Lunch was well deserved and over our picnic we all declared the day to be a big success and something we would recommend to others to do.

A quiz on our return home completed our final day.

The days were a real celebration of team work; the children were really well behave and a pleasure to be with. 

By Mrs Chambers U8