Book Week


BOOK WEEK - 2014

Book fever swept through the school just before the Easter holidays as the annual Book Week celebrations got underway. The theme of Roald Dahl proved a very popular choice, providing unlimited scope for the children’s imaginations and creativity.


The week got off to a flying start with our ‘Roald Dahl Workshops'. The children started off the day creating crazy character cubes of their favourite characters.  Matilda, Danny the Champion of the World, The BFG, James and the Giant Peach, and Fantastic Mr. Fox, amongst many others were lovingly made.


The children then explored the famous story of The Twits before creating their very own Roly-Poly Birds with their blue bodies, long necks and fantastically coloured tailfeathers.

    Then it was time for the children to try their hands at cooking. Each child made their own version of Mrs. Twit’s Eyeball Cake and were delighted when their gruesome cakes looked like something from Dahl’s Revolting Recipes!


A busy day was finally ended by making gigantic BFG ears... and an unusual drink called frobscottle which produces the kind of bodily effects, whizzpopping, which only children love (see Wikipedia). Our pupils were desperate to try it out!


Visit from the Roald Dahl Museum

On Tuesday each class took part in a workshop run by the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre.  Each  session started with an interactive introduction to Roald Dahl’s Writing Hut and his writing methods.

The children found out many interesting facts about Roald Dahl and were intrigued by some of the strange curiosities he kept beside his writing chair. These include one of the writer’s own hip bones, and a large metal ball made entirely of chocolate wrappers. 

Competition Time

Over the course of the week, each class took part in a Roald Dahl Orienteering competition. Working in small groups, the children ferreted for information about the famous children’s author by finding clues that had been hidden all over the playground. Sherlock Holmes could not have done better than our dedicated investigators.


Each class then had the opportunity to visit the Studio and guess from photographs which member of staff, hidden behind a Roald Dahl favorite, was reading the book. Our staff found some highly unusual places to enjoy their reading.

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Reading Swaps

Towards the end of each day, children from the Upper and Lower schools were paired, choosing books to share and read to each other.  Many of our older children were impressed by the reading abilities of the children in the Lower school who clearly enjoyed the experience as well. We will certainly repeat this popular activity again in the future.


Travelling Book Fair

Over the course of the week, every class had the opprtunity to visit the Travelling Book Fair during the school day. After school, many parents joined their children in helping to choose books, and we were able to raise quite a bit of money which will help to buy resources to support our teaching of phonics. Sincere thanks to all the staff and parents who helped to support this project.

Friday’s Dress-Up Day

At last the day every child had been waiting for arrived – Dressing Up Day!  Mrs. Twit, Matilda, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Willy Wonka were all found racing around the playground with Ms Trunchball, Charlie Bucket, and a goodly number of Oompa Loompa’s. The staff (in high spirits) metamorphosed into characters ranging from The Grand High Witch to the Big Friendly Giant.


The Arrival of Miss Trunchball!

To the delight and near disbelief of the children gathered excitedly in the hall, the school was honoured by a personal visit by Miss Trunchball from Roald Dahl’s hugely successful  Matilda.

Miss Trunchball bore a remarkable resemblance to Pam Ferris who played the role in the movie version of the book. She also played the role of Aunt Marge in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. You may have recently seen Pam starring on TV in the BBC’s Call the Midwives.

The entire school sat mesmerised as ‘Miss Trunchball’ read an extract from Matilda, and then she calmly allowed herself to be bombarded by questions from the children. A huge thank you to Pam from all of us for being such a good sport.

The assembly, and Book Week, concluded with every child in the school opening their very own envelope. Five children randomly found the Golden Tickets which they happily traded in for Easter eggs.


My thanks to all the teachers, support staff, parents and children who helped make this such a special week.  Can’t wait for next year - and neither can the children! 

Mrs. T.  Dowling (Literacy Co-cordinator)