X Factor!

The children at WJS are keen mathematicians, who love to challenge themselves to see how fluent they are. In addition to this, the teachers are passionate about ensuring that the fundamental mathematical basics , such as times-tables facts, are known thoroughly.

So every old term, we hold a Times -Table Mastermind competition to celebrate their achievements and knowledge.

Prior to the big day, each class prepares by practising their target times-tables every day; through use of flashcards, year 6 peer mentoring support, maths lessons, weekly tests and homework related tasks. Once they are confident that they know all of the facts up to 12 x 12, they can be tested to see who can answer the most facts in 1 minute. 

The winner from each class was then selected to take part in the big day, competing against the other children in year 4,5 and 6- year 3 will take part in term 4. 

It was a tense and exciting competition, which ended with a nail - biting knock-out round to find the winner of second place; there were 4 very nervous yet excited children who took part and all were deserved of a place on our leader board.

In the end our amazing Champion was Alex Elliott answering an amazing 38 correct in 1 minute  followed by Lo Lo, in 2nd place,answering 29 correct in 1 minute but scoring 21 in the tie break and Zack Carter answering 29 correct in 1 minute but scoring 19 in the tie break giving him 3rd place. 

We are so proud of all the children who took part and amazed at how fluently they know their times-table facts. Could you answer 38 facts, correctly, in 1 minute?