Curriculum Statement

Stimulating creativity and arousing children’s natural curiosity

We had developed a creative Linked Learning Curriculum at Whitstable Junior School with the aim to provide an innovative and exciting approach to learning. We are now in the process of adapting this to meet the requirements of the new Curriculum 2014 which started in September 2014.

The long term plans for each year group are included on this page and show the themes or topics being covered each term.

The new curriculum is very knowledge based and we are working towards combining this with our existing skills-based curriculum so that we cover all of the new requirements whilst linking subjects purposefully and progressively together through exciting and stimulating themes that have a positive appeal to children. We endeavour to reach beyond the classroom walls and the school gates and use the local resources to enhance and enrich the children’s learning.

Currently, throughout the year, six themes are covered by each year group. We feel strongly that the children should not lose sight of the subject area they are learning about and to ensure this does not happen, in both planning and delivery, we make it clear to the children which subject is being taught within the theme. Where more appopriate, some aspects of some subjects are taught as 'stand-alone' subjects and not part of a theme - this is often the case with RE.

Themes regularly change as a result of pupil involvement, national or international events or school priorities. Recent themes have included: Chocolate, Castles, World War II, Dragons Den Enterprise project, the Romans, Vile Victorians, the Terrible Tudors and World War 1 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary this year. 

Forthcoming themes for 2014 / 2015 also include Rainforests, The Stone Age, Spain, Crumbling Castles and China.

English and Maths are taught through the new Curriculum 2014 making natural “links” to the themes wherever possible. We use Abacus Maths online resources and Wordsmith online Literacy resources to help us plan and deliver this new curriculum. We have recently introduced Read, Write Inc /Fresh Start to teach reading and writing through a structured phonics programme and have also introduced a linked spelling programme that is in use throughout the school.

We continue to teach Science through the new (for 2014) Kent Scheme of Work for Primary Science and one of the 6 linked learning themes is Science driven. We ensure that the Kent Guidelines for R.E are adhered to and that our excellent P.S.H.E curriculum continues to support and develop the children. Currently we are using SEAL themes for this, supporting our Royal Native Oyster Citizenship Award scheme.

Here at Whitstable Junior School we aim to have a curriculum that inspires teachers to teach and children to learn.

New Curriculum 2014

Our Maths scheme and resources is already meeting the requirements of the new curriculum. We have been phasing this in through Years 3 and 4 who will be the first year groups to be assessed in the new curriculum. From September 2014 all year groups have been taught this new curriculum with the exception of Year 6 who will be taught additional mathematics from the 'old' curriculum as they will be the last year group to be assessed against the old curriculum.

We have chosen to use Wordsmith Literacy resoure as our core resource for our English curriculum which is new curriculum compliant.

We have also introduced a new science curriculum produced in Kent which  meets the requirements of curriculum 2014.

During the last academic year we undertook staff training and awareness raising and began to prepare our foundation subjects and ICT to meet the requirements of the new curriculum. Teachers will be planning and resourcing the new curriculum a seasonal term in advance allowing us to access the best ideas and resources as these are developed across the year.


Whilst the government has introduced a new curriculum for September 2014, it has not produced any supporting assessment systems but does expect schools to track pupil progress against age exected standards and to report these to parents.

The development of assessment for the new curriculum is taking place throughout the UK and we anticpate that we will have a fully operational system in place by the end of 2015. We are currently working as part of the 16 schools in the Coastal Alliance (Whitstable & Herne Bay) to develop assessment materials for the new curriculum. 

In the meantime we will continue to use the assessment levels from the 'old'curriculum for English and Maths to ensure that both staff and pupils know where they are in their learning and what the next steps are for them to make good progress. We aim to make the change to new assessment systems as quickly as possible and will keep parents fully informed as we make the necessary changes. The first step will be to share our new assessments alongside the old levels at the end of Term 2 2014.

Year 6 (2014 - 2015) will be the last year group to take statutory SATs tests based on the old curriculum.

New SATs assessments after 2015 will assess pupils against Curriculum 2014 and will include different assessments to reflect the changes.