At Whitstable Junior School we aim to create a broad curriulum and provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enrich the experiences of all children including those who have particular skills, talents or academic abilities as well as those who have not yet discovered these! An Enrichment Map of our activities for 2013 / 2014 is attached below - we will be further developing this in the next academic year.

We place considerable emphasis on extending the academic abilities of all children, regardless of their starting points and our progress and achievement data over the past two years shows how successful we are - particularly with those children who have the potential to become high achievers.

We work with the schools in the Coastal Alliance to provide a wide range of enrichment activities and during the next academic year will be developing a Policy for Enrichment that will be common to all of the schools in the Alliance. All children have access to all of the enrichment acivities, although some are targetted at specific groups.


  1. Enrichment Map WJS 2014