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Whitstable Junior School

Whitstable Junior School

Learning today for life tomorrow


We believe that learning should not end in the classroom and that children should be encouraged to carry on further learning after school. Research has shown that children perform best in schools when they are supported in their learning at home, and this will inevitably lead to a raising of standards. Homework can encourage the involvement of children and their parents or carers in worthwhile and purposeful tasks which extend the work of the classroom.

Although homework is given in each year group we feel it is important that our children should continue to participate in and enjoy the many activities outside of school without too much extra pressure. Whilst we expect children to complete the homework given, parents are also expected to use their judgement with this and simply notify the teacher if their child was unable to complete the homework, giving the reason. 

What is Homework ?

At Whitstable Junior School we see homework as any activity which pupils are asked to do outside of lesson time either on their own or with parents or carers. These activities will mostly be focused on literacy or numeracy, but will include a wider range of tasks as pupils get older. Homework might include:

  • Reading & discussing a book with an adult
  • research for a topic e.g. talking to someone or using books or internet
  • book reviews
  • spelling practice
  • learning number bonds
  • handwriting
  • writing
  • learning tables – multiplication and division facts
  • preparing work e.g. collecting items for a topic
  • playing games
  • preparing presentations
  • maths – class related topics or workbooks

How Much Homework?

Please see the year group pages on the website or your child's Contact Book.
Unless otherwise specified all homework will be completed in an A4 sized Homework book. This will contain a year group timetable, some guidance on Homework for parents, space for stickers and rewards and a year group homework timetable.Home / School Liaison via the Homework Book

Children will be encouraged to write in the homework task or staff will provide printed sheets to be stuck into books.