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Whitstable Junior School

Whitstable Junior School

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Ofsted Inspection Report – May 2015

We are very proud that Whitstable Junior School has been rated as good as a result of this inspection which recognises the significant improvements since the OFSTED inspectors were last here. The governing body has a clear focus on continual improvement in the school the report gives a fair assessment of the school as the inspectors found it, recognising the impact of the actions we have taken in our endeavours to make Whitstable Junior School ‘the best it can be’.

Some key highlights include:

  • This is a good school.
  • Leadership and management are good.
  • The headteacher leads and manages the school well. She is ably supported by other leaders and governors. Together they have ensured that the school has improved quickly since the last inspection.
  • (Leaders) have established high expectations of teaching, pupils’ achievement and their behaviour.
  • Pupils achieve well and attainment has risen to above average levels overall.
  •  …pupils enjoy their work and make good progress especially in English and mathematics.
  • Leadership is particularly strong in English and mathematics and in managing support for disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs.
  • The behaviour and safety of pupils are good.
  • Pupils’ good behaviour enables them to work and play together well. They have good attitudes towards learning and are polite and courteous.
  • There is a happy atmosphere in school and at break times. Pupils of all backgrounds work and play sensibly together showing each other respect and consideration. 
  • Pupils keenly take responsibility. 
  • Pupils say they feel safe in school. 
  •  …the school’s well being team .. play a key role in keeping ..children safe and happy
  • The quality of teaching is good
  • (teachers) enthusiasm is infectious and they make learning fun.
  • Teachers expect pupils to work hard and to know they can do so without fear of failure. 
  • Teaching assistants make a good contribution to pupils’ learning…….the support they give to … of consistently high quality. 
  • The achievement of pupils is good 
  •  ..attainment has risen since the last inspection…..pupils in current year 6 are working at above average levels…reflecting their good achievement over time 
  • Across the school pupils make good progress in English and maths 
  • …..all groups of pupils achieve equally well. 
  • There is good challenge for the most able most of the time and they achieve well. 
  • Provision for disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs has greatly improved over the last two years. They now receive good-quality support that helps them to learn quickly and which meets their needs well.

The inspectors complemented our pupils on their behaviour commenting on how courteous and polite they were, showing respect and consideration towards others resulting in a happy atmosphere in the school. This is a credit to our families and our school.                      

We have also included a link to the Ofsted Inspection web site if you would like to view previous reports on the school.

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