Our Classes

Each class page has a photograph of the class teacher and their learning support assistant so parents can put a face to a name if they have not been able to meet their child's teaching team.

We will be developing the use of these class pages over the year so that parents and other visitors to our website can get an insight into what the children in each class are learning and experiencing throughout the year. 

This year each child will spend some time as a class 'leader of learning' - see the file attached for more information. One of the responsibilities of this role will be to work with their partner Leader of Learning to update their Class Blog each week with comments, photos and/or video clips about their learning that week. We hope this will give the children a sense of writing or publishing for a real audience as well as giving parents more information about what happens in school.


We are looking forward to putting lots of information on our class pages once we return to School in September.

  1. Leaders of Learning