Swattenden 2016


Today, started off with a very interesting coach journey, when we eventually were able to get on it. We waved you off and felt a bit sad. On the coach, some people felt a little sick but it didn’t take us long to get here. We had a safety talk and then found out which room we are in which made us all very happy. However, we had to make our own beds, which were a little tricky for a few of us, but we now all have beds ready for tonight.

Then it was the exciting bit – lunch time! We had jacket potato for lunch or salad and a yogurt for pudding or cake. This afternoon, was really great fun! We did loads of activities; some of us did the zip wire and the rock climbing. It was fun although a little bit scary. I was good at the rock climbing and made it to the very top. The zip wire was really, really fast, but I had lots of fun! Another group had a go at Archery and Climbing – Ellis even equalled the record score for Archery!

We had some free time which means we get to hang out in our rooms, play and chat. We have just discovered the games room, which is a lot of fun! The boys are all in the middle of lots of ping pong and pool games! Next we will have tea and we’re very excited!


So much has happened since last night, we don’t know where to start! First, we had an amazing tea of rice and either Curry or Bolognese sauce, followed by Cherry Bakewell sliced pie. Then Dean and Katie took us on a night walk. This was brilliant; we walked round and round the forest, seeing all sorts of cool trees and old relics. Before we realise, it was time for bed! Miss Lodge and Mr Anderson read us bedtime stories and we all got a great night’s sleep.

Today, we started off with a long wait till breakfast. A lot of people were up very early so we made the most of the games room and then had room inspections – so far the girls are winning but we are hopefully to earn back some points tomorrow. Finally when 8 O’clock did arrive, we had the most amazing breakfast ever of Bacon, Eggs, Beans, Tomatoes, a range of Cereal and Toast. All day, we have been going off in our groups to do some really amazing activities, which ranged from the Low Zip wire, Raft building, Bivvi building and the Nightline. We got quite muddy and smelly! Our highlight has to be when we were Raft building, in an attempt at a quick changed Harry ended up missing the side of the pond, which meant he got completely soaked, while David let go of the rope and ended up in the middle! We soon got him back though and it didn’t take long for Harry to dry off. We also really enjoyed creating our shelters in the wood and added accessories to some of them like a camp fire, a garden and dog cages. We wanted to sleep in them overnight but realised it might not be waterproof!

After we had all returned, Miss Lodge took us to play football on the enormous field with large goal posts. If we didn’t want to we could use the time to chat in our rooms, play games or, highly recommended by teachers, have showers. Tea tonight was excellent (Lasagne or Chicken pie with Trifle for pudding)! This evening, we stayed in the Mansion and played some games and had a quiz which the Pink Fluffy Unicorns won. 


Most of us slept a lot better last night, which meant we were really excited for all the activities, although a few people didn’t feel well. After another fabulous breakfast, we headed out to see what was in store. Our group did the low adventure course, which meant that we got a little muddy and had to race each other over tyres, climbing frames, go under netting, through tunnels and we had to post ourselves through a letterbox. David challenged Miss Lodge to a race, which resulted in them getting very muddy but it was a tie.

Following this, we did some problem solving which meant working together. It wasn’t long before lunch involving some very yummy sausage rolls. In the afternoon, we had ‘High all abroad’ which meant climbing up a large pole and supporting each other until we jumped off. We now believe Harry and Layla come from Monkeys as they were super quick at climbing the pole and showed no fear! We all felt very proud of ourselves afterwards for trying our hardest.

Then during our last activities, pond dipping Oliver found Newts for us all to look at and we got quite close to some of the beautiful bunnies around the place. We found out that the best way to catch things in the pond is to be gentle with the net and to move it slowly. Dinner was incredible again! We had a Roast with all the trimmings and Apple Pie for pudding. Some of us were starting to feel very tired by this point!

After dinner, we had a game of Flag Raiders with Tom. We had to defend our base while attacking others. Blue team won every time because we are the best!  Mr Anderson and Mr Lander were sore losers though and called us and Miss Lodge cheats. A few people didn’t follow the rules properly and pushed people over but not us! As a result, we took no prisoners in our final game and tricked them by not putting all our attackers out so we won by 30 points! Then we had our hot chocolate and headed to bed absolutely shattered!



For the first time since we arrived last night, we all slept all night. Ebony was the first up at 6:20! We had another smashing breakfast and then set off for our new activities today! We had Bridge and Swing, Orienteering, Crate stacking and Boulder and Entrapment.

It was incredibly hot for Orienteering and we kept putting on Sun cream. We discovered Rowan and Layla were very good with a map and we found our way around to all the points! Crate Stacking was our favourite thing yet as you had to climb up on as many crates as you could before they fell over or you got pushed. Mr Anderson’s group had an advantage as he was able to pass the crates really high! Scrumptious pasta was our lunch with the most amazing doughnuts, although we eat them all before the adults got any.

It was a lot cooler this afternoon, we had great spy training with Boulder and Entrapment. We had to climb a small part of the wall and played lots of great games to help us climb more like Ballerinas. Then we had to get through a maze of ropes as a group. We went through blind folded and with water. Unfortunately, our team work skills weren’t every good so we spilt most of the water and only ended up with a little left. Remy, who was taking us, said we could throw any water we had left at him. Sadly it was only a little bit! On the Bridge and Swing, we all got to be like Tarzan or Jane! It was really good fun!

We are off for dinner and film night now, so will tell you more when we see you tomorrow!