Using Manipulatives

At Whitstable Junior School we believe that through careful differentiation every child can achieve. It is through use of manipulatives such place value mats, denes equipment, counters, straws, dice, playing cards, multiplication grids, dominoes, cuisinaire, number lines, the use of the bar method, and many more resources, that our children are really successful learners.

Through using these visual stimulus' and a variety of models and images the sky is the limit for all our children. We know our children find maths fun and learn so much through the use of these resources, no matter what their capabilities. Below are a few photos of manipulatives in action. Ask your child what Manipulative they used today in maths!

  1. manipulatives_in_the_primary_classroom_nrich_oct13
  2. How do we use Dice at WJS
  3. HAmental 4 ops playing cards
  4. HAmental addition dominoes
  5. Applying understanding of positive and negative numbers using a different resource
  6. Applying understanding of properties of number as a team
  7. Challenge 100 - race to make it to 0
  8. Developing addition skills using mental and column methods
  9. Developing mental fluency through converting fractions, decimals and % at speed
  10. Developing mental fluency using an ICT programme
  11. Developing mental fluency when converting fractions decimals and %
  12. Developing understanding of probability as a fraction using cards
  13. Developing understanding of probability using a dice
  14. During a maths intervention learning the difference between 'teen' numbers and 'ty' numbers
  15. Finding all possiblilities with visual support
  16. More NRich problem solving making predetermined totals with dominoes
  17. Naming and visualising 3 d shapes
  18. NRich problem solving involving dominoes
  19. Place Value Digit Cards
  20. Practicing skills using ICT maths games and a 100 square
  21. Practicing times table skills using a dice and checking with a calculator
  22. Problem solving and reasoning with numbers and a deck of cards
  23. Problem solving with a deck of cards and given totals and rules
  24. Putting negative numbers into context
  25. Reasoning about numbers and developing mental fluency
  26. Reasoning about positive and negative numbers
  27. Reinforcing using a systemmatic approach and reasoning about numbers
  28. revising positve and negative numbers
  29. Supporting visualing nets using polydron
  30. Understadning ratio and proportion
  31. Understanding positive and negative numbers 2
  32. Understanding positive and negative numbers
  33. Understanding ratio and proportion using a different resource
  34. Using a place value chart
  35. Using counting beads to reinforce counting on and back
  36. Using cubes to help visualise shapes from different elevations
  37. Using cubes to visualise level 6 shape questions
  38. using empty number lines to find the difference between 2 numbers
  39. Using ICT in a maths lesson to reinforce skils
  40. Using numicon to support understanding of subtraction
  41. Using polydrons to investigate open and closed nets
  42. Using the Ipads to practice multiplying decimals mentally
  43. Using visual aids to support understanding of 2d shape