Whitstable Junior School

Dear Visitors
Thank you so much for visiting the website of Whitstable Junior School where we (Archie and Vida) are Head Boy and Head Girl respectively. We have loved being at WJS for the past four years and we would like to tell you something about our school.
First of all, Whitstable Junior School is a happy school. The children at our school feel safe and secure. In fact, we are like a family and community where everybody looks out for everybody else. We have a very effective ‘buddy’ system, and Year 6 pupils regularly help younger pupils with their Maths and English. It’s a great experience finding out what it’s like being a teacher for children of all ages and abilities. It’s not as easy as it looks from their side of the desk!
Apart from welfare and happiness, a good education is the No. 1 aim at WJS. We are all encouraged to take pride in our efforts and achievements, whatever they are. An important thing for us is to understand that learning is for the ‘real’ world and we have lots of activities to help us put our learning into practice. Above all, we learn that learning how to learn is the most important learning of all. It helps, of course, to have a first-class IT suite with at least 30 computers to carry out research, study and projects individually or in groups. 
The IT club is just one of the extra-curricular activities, and there are lots of them at WJS – too many to list here, but they include Drama (we love putting on productions), Sports (we have an all-weather play area), Art and Music (we’ve got the Studio), and lots of outings (sometimes for a day, sometimes for a week). After SATS are over, Year 6 have a residential, adventure-week away from Whitstable, the annual production (this year it’s Grease), the BBQ and the famous Water Fight to end our years at junior school.
Of course, we in Year 6 are excited to be moving on to the secondary schools of our choice, but we feel a bit sad, too, that our careers at Whitstable Junior School are nearly over. Some people say your school years are the best years of your life. We’ve been so lucky that our parents and guardians chose WJS for us. It’s been great for us, and if you choose to come here, you can be pretty sure it will be great for you as well. No matter where we go or what we do in our lives, we’ll always be the kids from WJS.
Thanks for letting us share our thoughts and memories with you.