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Whitstable Junior School

Whitstable Junior School

Learning today for life tomorrow

Nurture Group - The Amigos

In October 2023, we set up our new nurture group named The Amigos (chosen by the children).

Nurture vision statement:

‘Learning today for Life tomorrow.’

Whitstable Junior School Community Code · Be Safe · Be Kind · Be Responsible

At Whitstable Junior School we thrive to create a nurturing environment that is inclusive, kind and promotes mutual respect. Through nurturing positive relationships and embedding the six principles of nurture, children will develop the social skills they need to thrive, feel safe and be responsible for themselves in school and in the wider community.

The Nurture Group:

Our nurture group is a short-term, focused intervention for pupils and students with particular social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The group is designed to help children develop vital social skills, to develop confidence and self-respect, and to take pride in behaving well and in achieving.

Nurture groups are designed to address the social and emotional needs that can hamper pupils’ learning. So as well as providing academic teaching, the group is designed to help children develop vital social skills, to develop confidence and self-respect, and to take pride in behaving well and in achieving.

In nurture groups, there’s a special emphasis on language development and communication: nothing is taken for granted and everything is clearly explained by the staff, with the help of demonstrations and (where helpful) physical gestures. Pupils are given the time they need both to listen and be listened to. 

Nurture groups are also designed to give pupils vital opportunities for social learning – for example by encouraging them to share food at breakfast and snack time, and to help other pupils in the group. The friendly, supportive relationship between the two members of staff is also itself an important source of learning – a model for the pupils to observe and copy. 

Our nurture group is developed around the six principles of nurture:


Our Nurture group is named Amigos. This name was chosen by the first children to attend the group. It is located in the BCR and children currently attend every afternoon.

The Nurture Group will:

  • Strive to have a positive effect on children’s attitude toward the school community, giving them strategies to cope with conflict and challenges.
  • Help children to focus concentration levels, which will in turn impact on standards of attainment across the school.
  • Support children who have emotional difficulties which prevent them from learning and making relationships.
  • Help to improve the focus and quality of teaching and learning.
  • Help children learn to regulate their emotions so they can make relationships and access learning opportunities.

We use the Zones of Regulation to help the children understand and manage their emotions.


The Nurture Group  - Amigos is run by two members of staff. The Nurture Group lead and SENCo are currently undergoing the Nurture UK Training.

The SENCo oversees the strategic direction of the Nurture Group. The SENCo is responsible for the long-term planning and works closely with the Nurture Group staff to identify children in need of Nurture support and assess children’s progress.

Please look at the attached leaflet to find out more.

Whitstable Junior School has also signed up to the 'Nurturing Kent' programme. More information about this programme can be found here: