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Whitstable Junior School

Whitstable Junior School

Learning today for life tomorrow

REMOTE Learning

During a school closure, instead of coming into school every day, you will access your learning through Google Classrooms and Zoom.

You will be provided with an email address and login details for Google Classrooms and 4 hours of online learning, to be completed daily. There will be a timetable on Google Classrooms that shows you how long you should spend on each lesson, as well as links to other sites, such as Oak Academy, Bitesize, SpellingShed and TTRockstars. 

At 9 am every morning, your teacher will invite you to a live Zoom lesson for English and then again at 11.30 am for Maths. The sessions will last for approximately 30 minutes and will provide you with direct teaching from your teacher about the learning for that day, and to allow you the opportunity to ask questions to clarify your understanding and to see your other classmates. These sessions will also be recorded and posted in your Google Classroom classwork so that if you miss the live lesson, you can still watch it at another time.

After the live lessons have finished, you can complete the work that goes with the lesson at your own leisure.

There is also a live zoom session at the end of every day at approximately 2.45 pm,  that provides well-being support, celebration time and a chance to listen to your teacher read a story.  

You will be provided with meaningful, high-quality activities that mirror the learning and curriculum that would have been covered had you been able to be in school. It is really important that routine, well-being, and progress is maintained even when you are at home Therefore, we aim to mirror a similar timetable every week, through daily maths, English, times-table practice, spelling, and reading activities, with all other foundation subjects covered throughout the week. You will have access to recorded power points to watch so that you can listen to teachers explain new concepts, with fun and motivating film clips, games, and web links to further support your understanding. All of your work will be marked daily, with purposeful feedback provided that enables you to move your learning on. Should you have any questions about your work, then your class teacher is available during the school day to help, just use the message facility in Google Classrooms and they will get back to you.

Your well-being is of the utmost importance at this time so we ensure that you have regular face-to-face time with your teacher, the opportunity to chat with your classmates on the News Feed, and the ability to communicate with your teacher throughout the day. We also have a well-being classroom facility on Google Classrooms, called ‘The Nest’, that provides well-being support by Shannon as well as weekly whole school assemblies that enable the school community to feel at one.  

As you will be possibly spending more time online than usual, please ensure that you always apply the Online Safety advice and rules that we have taught you during your Computing lessons and during our E-Safety days.

There are some fantastic websites to help support your learning shown here. Have fun!!