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Whitstable Junior School

Whitstable Junior School

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PHSE & RelationshipS Education

 At Whitstable Junior School, we believe that the promotion of our children's personal development is a fundamental aspect of their education and underpins all other elements of their learning. We are passionate about providing and encouraging all children at WJS  the opportunity to discuss, respond, and reflect on their emotions and feelings as they develop into young adults. 


During Key Stage 2, pupils will learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals and become more confident in their ability to share their emotions, experiences, and ideas.  They will develop a secure understanding of their role in both immediate and global communities with and be provided with opportunities to discuss social justice and moral responsibility. Through such discussions, they will learn that their own choices and behaviours can affect local, national or global issues, including political and social institutions. Pupils are encouraged to take part in school and community activities such as the Pupils’ Parliament, School Council, and Royal Native Citizenship Awards.

On a personal level, as many of our children begin to develop into young adults, they will be taught to face the changes of puberty and how to cope with the challenges that changing to a secondary school can present.

We have embraced the Statutory Relationships Education curriculum by following the HeartSmart scheme of work. By delivering weekly teacher-led lessons, our children will be given the opportunity to learn:

  • how important families are in providing love, care and stability;
  • the importance of friendships in making us feel happy and secure and how we choose and make friends;
  • to respect others even when they are different from us and that we should expect to be treated with respect by others in turn;
  • self-respect and how it links to our own happiness;
  • online safety;
  • how to recognise and make others aware of feelings of being unsafe;
  • that mental well-being is a normal part of daily life as is physical health;
  • that there are a normal range and scale of emotions that all humans experience and how to judge whether what they are feeling and how they are behaving is proportionate and appropriate;
  • what constitutes a healthy diet and lifestyle, personal hygiene and the importance of sleep.

Lessons will be discussion and activity-based and recorded in SRE books. 

Please refer to your child's year group below to find out more about the themes covered.