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Whitstable Junior School

Whitstable Junior School

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Remote Learning 2021

During a school closure, teaching and learning at WJS, is facilitated through Google Classrooms and Zoom.

All children are provided with an email address and login details to access their Google Classroom where they are provided with 4 hours of online learning every day.

Here is an extract from the latest DfE remote Learning Guidance:

The remote education provided should be equivalent in length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school and will include both recorded or live direct teaching time, and time for pupils to complete tasks and assignments independently. The amount of remote education provided should be, as a minimum:

  • Key Stage 2: 4 hours a day

WJS Remote Learning Timetable

All classes







English Lesson


9-9:30 Live with teacher

* Choice of activity


(pre-recorded live / foundation lesson / link / TTrockstars, Spelling Shed, Reading)

Maths Lesson


11:30-12 Live with teacher

* Choice of activity


(pre-recorded live / foundation lesson / link / TTrockstars, Spelling Shed, Reading)


Live reading session


(agreed by CT within

this time)

Each day the children will have access to live teacher-led Zoom lessons: one for maths and one for English. These live zoom lessons will provide the children the opportunity to receive face-to-face direct input from their class teacher that will cover the main teaching points required for the children to then be able to complete the activities that are on Google Classrooms, plus give them the opportunity to ask questions to clarify their learning. There will also be foundation lessons every day, posted on Google Classrooms, with additional links to online recorded lessons provided by Bitesize, Oak Academy or similar.

All of these live zoom sessions are also recorded and added to the class’ News Feed on Google Classrooms so that anyone who was unable to attend the live zoom can watch at a later time, or before they start their maths or English lesson.

Furthermore, to support your children in maintaining a similar routine as they would have in school, there will also be a live zoom session in the afternoon that provides well-being support, celebration time and a chance for the children to listen to a story read by their class teacher.

Children will be provided with meaningful, high-quality activities that mirror the learning and curriculum that would have been covered had the children been able to be in school. We hold great value in the importance of routine, well-being, and continued high-quality teaching, even when this is managed remotely. Therefore, we aim to mirror a similar timetable every week, through daily maths, English, times-table practice, spelling, and reading activities, with all other foundation subjects covered throughout the week, with fun and motivating film clips, games, and web links to further support their understanding. All the children's work will be marked daily, with purposeful feedback provided that enables them to move their learning on. 

Our children’s well-being is of the utmost importance at this time so we really value the opportunity to be able to provide them with regular face-to-face time with their teacher; providing them with the opportunity to clarify learning as well as chat with their classmates. Google Classrooms also enables the children to communicate with their friends via the News Feed, and the ability to communicate with their teacher throughout the day.

We also have a well-being classroom facility on Google Classrooms, called ‘The Nest’, that provides well-being support through our Well-being Team as well as weekly whole school assemblies that enable the school community to feel at one.  

We understand that some families may feel more comfortable using paper learning, which we have ensured is of similar quality and relevance to the work that is being completed online. 

Please feel free to contact the school office or your child's class teacher should you have any queries regarding remote learning for your child.

You may like to refer to the following websites for online safety support.

Below are some important websites that we feel could help support remote learning:

Below are some important documents, information, and websites regarding Remote Learning, Online Safety, GDPR, and curriculum coverage.