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Whitstable Junior School

Whitstable Junior School

Learning today for life tomorrow

SRE curriculum 2019 (plus updated for 2020)

In year 4, we teach lessons which include topics such as: changes that happen at puberty; keeping good hygiene; describing intensity of feelings to others; managing complex emotions; different types of relationships; what makes a healthy relationship (friendship); maintaining positive relationships; who is responsible for your health and wellbeing; asking for advice.  This unit of lessons is taught during term 4. Any questions that children might have about these topics are answered discretely and factually based on their age.

In year 6, we teach lessons which include topics such as:  puberty; relationships and communication skills; pregnancy; contraceptives; prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases; prevention of sexual abuse; FGM; body image; sexting and social media; pornography; consent. This unit of lessons is taught during term 6 and pupils are then able to ask questions discretely, which are answered factually and in an age appropriate manner. Each pupil's privacy is respected, and no one would be asked to reveal personal information.

Featured below is more detailed coverage of the SRE curriculum, as covered in year 4 and 6, useful web links to support parent/carer conversations at home and copies of letters sent to parents/carers.

 Should you wish to remove your child from these lessons, then please inform the office before the start of Term 4 for year 4 and Term 6 for year 6.