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Whitstable Junior School

Whitstable Junior School

Learning today for life tomorrow

What do the children think about Wjs?

We asked the children some questions that we thought you might have about WJS. Here are their answers. I am sure you will see that WJS is a really happy place :)

What do I do when I arrive at school?

  • When we arrive at school we come through the back gate and go starlight to our classes. At the very beginning of the year, our parents were allowed to take us to our line when the bell goes, your teacher tells you what to do. After that, you will get told to put your coats and bags away on your very own peg.
  • Walk across the playground and into the cloakroom. Find your peg and hang your coat up, if you have a scooter leave it behind the structure on the left when you go in
  • You wait at the year 3 bus stop until your teacher comes out. After that you go inside and put your coat on your peg with your bookbag or your backpack and go inside.
  • When I arrive I go to my classroom and unpack my bag. I then sit down and do some drawing in my doodle book before lessons start.

What are the lunches like?

  • You can have packed lunches or school dinners with sandwiches or wraps.
  • The year 3 lunchtime is at 12:30 which is before any other year. First you line up outside where a teacher will mark you on the list if you are school dinners. If you are home lunch you will be told to wait until we get sent into the dinner hall. When you are in the dinner hall you eat your lunch then when you are finished put your hand up and wait patiently for a teacher to let you go. Next you go out to play.
  • Most lunches are really nice and you get some veg from the salad bar. You have the choice of jacket potato, ham wrap and cheese wrap too.
  • They are extremely good
  • Quite nice, my favourite is the couscous
  • I have packed lunch but others have school dinners which look yummy. My favourite would be the pasta.
  • I have a packed lunch but the school dinners are amazing especially the carbonara!
  • Fantastic! I love school dinners.

What should I do if I need to go to the toilet?

  • Ask a teacher.
  • You should really go to the toilet at break and lunch but if you can’t hold it, put up your hand and wait until you can ask the teacher.
  • Put your hand up.
  • You can't go when you are eating your food you can go at break though. If you are in the class you put your hand up.
  • Try and hold it but if you can’t put your hand up.

What can I do at playtime?

  • You can play basketball, football on our all weather pitch
  • You can climb all over the clamber stack!
  • You can play with your friends, you can do hockey and football.
  • There is a Games Zone which is a bit calmer.
  • You can play in the Game zone with Leanne. In the Game zone there are lots of things you can do including hula hoops, stilts, bubbles and foam balls. You can also play in the gigantic playground, go on the structures and play football and other games with your friends.
  • Play with friends. There’s a huge football pitch to play on. There are huts you can go in and a games zone with things like a sand pit, hula hoops and beanbags to play in. There’s also skipping ropes.
  • Play football.
  • I play football with my friends, but you can also play IT!

What should I do if I am worried about something, who do I see?

  • You can speak to Leanne in the games zone or the oyster room.
  • A teacher, Leanne, or a friend.
  •  Just find a teacher, they are easy to find and really friendly
  • In my class we have a worry monster where you can put your worries and the monster will eat them. You can speak to any of the teachers who are very nice. There are also people at the school who will take care of you.
  • Tell one of your teachers because you can always rely on them. 
  • You see Leanne, she is part of the Well-being Team who look after us. 
  • If you are worried about something, you go to the oyster room and there’s a lady in there you can speak to at lunch or breaks. You also go there if you are hurt and she will help make it better.
  • You can see one of the teachers. If you are in the game zone you can see Leanne or a game zone monitor.

  What will I do if I get lost?

  • Ask someone who knows the way or a teacher.
  • Look for someone or try and work out where you are. 
  • You can ask any of the teachers or any of the older children who will help.

How much homework will I get?

  • Not much but some reading, spellings and a homework book which is fun to do at the weekend. No boring stuff in it.
  • We get spellings every week and topic homework which has a large grid with a variety of tasks and we get new grids every term.

What happens if I feel poorly or hurt myself during the day?

  • If you hurt yourself go to a teacher and they will help you.
  • If you feel poorly you should tell a teacher and they might say go to the office of they will tell you to have something to eat. If you fall over or get hurt then there will be lots of adults around you or someone maybe your friends will see and tell the nearest teacher.

What lessons will I have?

  • English, maths, ICT, PE, Art, and sometimes music and RE
  • We have English, maths, art, topic, PSHE,PE, ICT 
  • English, Maths, Art, Computing, RE, P.S.H.E, Science, Geography and  Music.

 What clubs are there?

  • After school club, Choir, science, music lesson.
  • There are loads of different clubs like football, art and craft, netball, french, drumming, animation, choir.
  • After school club, Mrs Deans craft club, Creepy crawley animal club, Dance, lots of sports.

  How will I make friends?

  • When you meet people in your classroom, and ask them to play with you and they might become friends. I would like to be friends with the new year 3. 
  • The school is very friendly and everyone is in the same situation. You will have people you will know from your old school and will make lots of other friends. I made friends by smiling and saying hello.
  • If you’re lonely then you can go to the Game zone and speak to Leanne she will help you find a friend.
  • You will easily make friends and you sometimes have different partners which help you meet new kids.
  •  By chatting and getting to know every one
  • Always be nice and polite. Don’t be shy and talk to people. Play stuff that people will like and ask people to join in.
  • Be nice and sharing.
  •  You make friends how you normally make friends. I didn’t know anyone when I started and now I have lots of friends. 

The best thing about WJS is…..

  • It has wonderful teachers.
  • It is a friendly place to be in and your teachers are really nice and helpful. They always know what's best for you.
  • I feel happy at my school and l am doing well in my lessons.
  • The best thing about WJS is the big, huge and gargantuan football pitch.
  • The teachers.
  • All of the teachers are friendly and kind and you will get loads of friends.
  • I love Whitstable Juniors because I love all of the fantastic teachers. I’ve made loads of new friends and we all look after each other. I love my class, and when we have wet play we get to go in the book corner, I love reading!
  • It’s fun.
  • PE. I like playing football! All the teachers are nice too.
  • PE and ICT.
  • PE because we do real sport.
  • ICT because we do Block coding.
  • The teachers because they are really kind.
  • A football pitch.
  • The teachers are nice and they make learning fun. My favourite lesson is PE.
  • Lunch time!
  • I love the fish toilets with fish designs on them.